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The Gorilla Organization

Since the 1980s conservation work has enable the population of mountain gorillas in the wild to grow from 240 to over 1,000. 2020 marked a significant development in the conservation of the species as in both Rwanda and Uganda, three times the usual number of mountain gorilla babies were born throughout 2020.


We are incredibly proud to be supporting the Gorilla Organization in their efforts to protect the incredibly vulnerable Gorilla babies and their families. The amazing work of the Gorilla Organization helps to fund ranger patrols that sweep the forests looking for snares, provide specialist vets that help gorillas in need, and support the communities which live alongside the gorillas.


Head over to to find out more about the Gorilla Organization’s projects and how you can support their efforts.


Funding Rainforest Rangers

Supporting Sustainable Organic Farming

Removing Traps and Snares

Working with Indigenous Communities

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